Addis Ababa, May 10, 2022 (FBC) – Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called for vigilance to prevent the Russia-Ukraine conflict from escalating into confrontation between blocs, which he said would pose greater and more persistent threats to global security and stability. 

Xi made the remarks in a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron. The two leaders agreed that relevant parties should support Russia and Ukraine to restore peace through negotiations. 

China has been encouraging peace talks in its own way, Xi said, adding that China supports European countries in keeping the security of Europe in their own hands. 

Macron said France and China share many common understandings on the Ukraine issue. France is willing to conduct closer coordination and cooperation with China on bilateral and multilateral levels, he said. 

France and the European Union adhere to strategic autonomy, disapprove of bloc confrontation and will not take part in it, he stressed. 

Xi and Macron also exchanged views on China-France relations and China-EU ties. 

Xi said cooperation between the two countries achieved fruitful results during the past five years. China and France shouldered their responsibilities as major countries on issues such as tackling climate change and protecting biodiversity, he added. 

The two countries should uphold the original aspiration of the establishment of the diplomatic relations featuring “independence, mutual understanding, foresight, mutual benefit and win-win outcomes,” respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, and engage in close coordination and cooperation on bilateral, China-EU and global levels, he said.

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