Addis Ababa August 25/2022/ENA/ World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom has been using his position “very shrewdly” to support the ethno-nationalist TPLF group, a Danish journalist noted.

It is to be recalled that the Government of Ethiopia also protested in a letter submitted to WHO’s Executive Board last January that “in a manner that denigrates the integrity of the UN system and the work of other offices, Tedros uses his platform to mobilize the UN community against Ethiopia besides providing technical and financial support to the activities of the TPLF.”

The director general, who has been fabricating accusations against the Government of Ethiopia, claimed recently that a siege was put in place to prevent aid from reaching Tigray, where the terrorist TPLF forces are planning attack against the Amhara and Afar regions.

The Danish journalist, Rasmus Somderlis, told ENA that there is no case to make regarding the blockade narrative in Tigray as the World Food Program (WFP) has been appreciating the humanitarian activities in the region.

“I think the siege is a wrong narrative on Ethiopia. Of course you cannot let materials into Tigray which can afterwards be used to kill Ethiopians. There is no humanitarian blockade as the evidences are clear. The WFP is saying that they are averting famine in the region.”

However, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom has been shrewdly using his position to accuse the government and to support TPLF.

Tedros always talks about the humanitarian issues in Tigray, but excludes the Afar and Amhara regions repeatedly invaded by the terrorist group.

“He is very shrewd. Tedros never talks about politics because he knows it is a spotlight in his record,”  the journalist said, adding that he also pretend to be a saint while the fact is he is one of the war lords and member of a circle that recruits children for war.

As to restoration of services in Tigray, the journalist said it is very difficult to provide services including banking in a region controlled by armed militia and robbers.

The measures being taken by the Government of Ethiopia to contain the situation is the wisest decision, he stated.  

The TPLF group has no legitimacy, Somderlis said, stressing the need for the West to provide moral and material support for the Government of Ethiopia and take measures against TPLF leaders, including freezing of their assets.  

1 thought on “WHO Chief Using Position “Very Shrewdly” to Support TPLF, Says Danish Journalist

  1. Tsegay Mehari says:

    It is great to see and hear that a journalist from the western world at long last can see beyond the curtains of the TPLF narratives and the positive recoomenadaion the west needs to take action. However, this group has long been known to be subservient to the USA, therefore it is the USA who has the ultimate power to make a difference and ensure that ware comes to an end. Simply USA needs to stop supplying the TPLF. The Eritrean government has been making grievances against the TPLF for over three decades but the west did not know the result is what were are witnessing now.

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