Addis Ababa August 25/2022 /ENA/ World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director David Beasley, in his tweet, described TPLF’s looting of 12 full tankers with 570,000 liters of fuel in Mekelle as “outrageous and disgraceful.”

WFP’s warehouse in Mekelle, Tigray regional capital, was forcibly entered by TPLF militants who took 12 full fuel tankers with 570,000 liters of fuel, it was indicated.  

The executive director twitted that the World Food Programme is demanding return of this fuel now.

The Executive Director also said: “Hours ago, Tigrayan authorities stole 570,000 liters of fuel for WFP operations in  Tigray.  Millions will starve if we do not have fuel to deliver food. This is outrageous and disgraceful. We demand return of this fuel now.”

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