May 13/2022 /ENA/ Supporting Ethiopia’s consultation project is crucial as the instability of the country would have repercussions to the wider region, Turkey Ambassador to Ethiopia Alp told ENA.

Ambassador Yaprak Alp reaffirmed the readiness of Turkey to provided all-round support for Ethiopia in its reconciliation endeavor that will be overseen by the National Dialogue Commission.

Ethiopia’s stability is not only a determinant regional factor in East Africa and the continent, but  also affects the Middle East, she added.

“We always say that Ethiopia is not just an African country but also part of a wider region, a wider Middle East. What happens here in this important country has repercussions all over the Horn of Africa and reaches the wider Middle East, including Turkey,” Ambassador Alp underscored.

Currently, the world is witnessing that a single regional issue in one side of the world has resulted in unprecedented increase of prices and rising instability in another part.

“So, that is why it is important not just for the Ethiopian people to reach extreme levels of stability and peace, it is important for all of us. Due to this we have to stand by the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission and that’s what we’ll be doing.”

Emphasizing the long-standing bilateral ties between Ethiopia and Turkey, the ambassador noted that her country appreciates Ethiopia’s national dialogue process to solve the problems.   

“What I always like to see is that Turkey and Ethiopia have always stood side by side each time they face difficulties. This has been proven by history time and again. And today, Ethiopia is undergoing a new phase, stage and difficulties. And what do you do when undergoing through difficulties? Turkey always says dialogue. Without dialogue, you cannot reach solutions.”

Turkey will support Ethiopia in the consultation process, particularly through sharing its experience, she further stated.   

Ambassador Alp also appreciated the 11 Commissioners of the National Dialogue for working hard in a very dynamic way to find solutions to the myriad of problems in the country.

National Dialogue commissioners briefed the diplomatic community residing in Ethiopia yesterday about the ongoing process and requested the support of all for the success of the consultation project.

The ambassador described the briefing as very transparent with the international community and  countries about what they were doing and saying.

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