Addis Ababa, September 08, 2022 (FBC) – From the humanitarian and political point of view, it’s up to the international community to condemn the terrorist TPLF’s belligerence and attack so that the humanitarian assistance could once again come through to the people in need, articulated, Henok Teferra Shawl, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to France, Spain, Portugal, Holy See & Monaco.

Amb. Henok reminded the international community that it must stop putting the terrorist TPLF on the same bracket with Ethiopian government.

The Ambassador told FRANCE24: “The Ethiopian government declared humanitarian truce to ensure the humanitarian aid could come through to our people in Tigray region, and we opened up humanitarian corridors by air and by land.”

“That humanitarian corridor was made impossible because of the attacks by the TPLF, initially in the neighboring Amhara region. Then, when we pushed them back the humanitarian aid flow was undertaken normally, until the 24th of August – the day TPLF re-launched the attack”, he added.

“So you cannot really put us (the government of Ethiopia) under the same footing with the (terrorist) TPLF. If they commit these actions and attacks on the humanitarian corridor, how can the humanitarian aid go through? It’s not possible”, he noted.

“Therefore, from the humanitarian and political point of view it is up to the international community to condemn these attacks, so that humanitarian assistance could come through and political solutions can be found to the conflict”, the Ambassador stressed.

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