Addis Ababa August 27/2022 /ENA/The Government of Ethiopia’s move for an African Union-led peace talk with the TPLF to solve the conflict in northern Ethiopia is an opportunity that should not be missed, South Sudan’s Ambassador James Morgan said.

He told ENA that “African problems need African solutions. We do not need anybody from anywhere to come and interfere in the internal issues of this continent. The choice of the African Union is perfect…We condemn any interference from outside the continent.”

According to him, the TPLF should reciprocate for the AU-led peace process initiated by the government.

“We encourage the other side, the TPLF, to join hands with their brothers who are in the government, especially Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who called out for peace. Let us not let this opportunity slip away. Let them agree to sit down and talk about peace for this country. The future of this country is bigger than anybody else. We are here to support the peace process that should not be hindered. The peace process must go ahead.” 

The ambassador emphasized that the recent reported resumption of hostility should be discouraged for the spirit of peace to prevail in the country.

“We really feel this is unfortunate and it should be discouraged by all means. Let the spirit of peace talk prevail.”

For Ambassador Morgan, Ethiopia has been resilient in the face of man-made and natural challenges; and the country will emerge united and strong overcoming the challenges to support the region and the continent.

Ambassador Morgan pointed out that South Sudan’s experience of conflict and its effort to bring peace with the help of the agreement made in Ethiopia should give lessons.

South Sudan will graduate the first batch of its unified army as part of the peace agreement reached in Ethiopia years back and Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed will not be missed in the invitation to attend as part and parcel of the South Sudan’s peace process, he said.      

“We are so grateful that the approach the government has taken will bring a comprehensive peace which will engulf the rest of the country so that it could consolidate its efforts to unify and solidify the country to stand together.”

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