Addis Ababa, August 27, 2022 (FBC) – The Government Communication Service, in a recent statement, said that the Terrorist TPLF, having closed all options for peace, has intensified the military attacks it has launched.

The terrorist TPLF having trampled the peace options extended to it has for a third time, launched and intensified attacks on the nation, the stament says.

It is well known that the terrorist group has been preparing for a full-scale conflict, leaving aside the path for peace, the Government underscored.

“By expanding its attacks on various fronts, it has continued targeting innocent civilians. Following the outdated human wave warfare strategy, TPLF has continued its large-scale attacks on civilians, sending youth in large numbers to bordering communities.”

TPLF is currently moving towards the borders of Amhara and Afar region to carry out killings, displacement, destruction of property and infrastructure as well as other brutal activities, Government idicated.

“While the peace option proposed by the Government is preserved, our heroic

National Defense Forces are coordinating and responding with full efficiency and

capabilities, against the large-scale attack launched by this terrorist group.” The Statement says.

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