The boundless lies, fake news and a vivid genocidal crime that terrorist TPLF has been conducting on the people of Tigray has now surfaced up, officials of a number of international humanitarian agencies including the UN Systems  and noted scholars are condemning terrorist TPLF’s day light looting of close to 600 thousand liters of fuel from a WFP depot in Mekele.

It is not the first time that terrorist TPLF has been engaging in the most disgraceful theft, siphoning emergency humanitarian assistance off the needy citizens in Tigray.

A couple of days ago, terrorist TPLF conducted a massive theft on the fuel depot that belonged to WFP, impeding the smooth flow of food aid to the people of Tigray which the brutal group suppressed with its tyrannical rule. The WFP has declared that it would be unable to transport food to Tigray not only because the fuel deport meant to transport food was looted but also hundreds of its heavy duty trucks have also been confiscated by the terrorist group.

Why in the world is Dr. Tedros shedding crocodile tears repeatedly misinforming the world of acute shortage of fuel in Tigray? He is making a fool of the international community, clandestinely supporting TPLF to launch offensive on the east fronts.   

The terrorist group, which Tedros is a prominent member, is not only misbehaving but is also trying to make a fool of the international community, issuing disgraceful statement to tell the world that it had lent fuel to the WFP. And the world has been watching the theft of terrorist TPLF since early 1980s.  To make matters worse, the terrorist group launched the third round of war pushing Tigrayan youth as canons fodder. The youth in Tigray have never gone to school over the last two years.

Why did terrorist TPLF start the war at this point in time? Several reasons could be considered. This demagogic organization led by crook leaders chose the rainy season as opportune moment to perpetrate atrocities as they did last year during their invasion of Amhara and Afar areas. The whole world learnt crimes the terrorist group committed through refrained from condemning the genocidal act.

And for the recent devastating war, the terrorist group counted on the support it is getting from regional and international allies. Of course, the nonchalance of the western powers to put pressure on and make accountable the terrorist group for the crimes it conducted emboldened the group.

Terrorist TPLF was conducting a barrage of false propaganda war in an attempt to discredit all the continuous peaceful avenues by the government of Ethiopia and disrupt the AU led peace talks, the international community lauded. Despite Ethiopia’s practical effort in going extra miles, the terrorist group, which of course had no tradition of dialogue and negotiations, broke the humanitarian truce by launching another round of offensive.  

The terrorist group is engaged a proxy war on Ethiopia on behalf of those governments that have been working from dawn to dusk to weaken and disintegrate Ethiopia.

It is regrettable that the international community and the UN bodies have restricted themselves from condemning the terrorist organization.  

The Government of Ethiopia has time and again declared its commitment to peace and peaceful settlement of the conflict  the terrorist group has caused.

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