Addis Ababa, May 7, 2022 (FBC) – The terrorist TPLF turned Mekelle in particular and the entire Tigray State in general into an earthly hell, the former Shire Town Deputy Administrator said, adding in Tigray, there is no administration, no food and no medicine for the public.

Approached by EPA, the Ex-Vice Administrator Eng. Yemane Haile stated the people of Tigray now understand TPLF’s lies and its ambition to return to power by sacrificing the lives of their sons and daughters. Everyone realizes that the clique, who get the aid in the name of needy people of Tigray, channeled all the support to its combatants.

Yemane pointed out that people with disability are only the visible section of the society that are seen in daylight in large towns including the capital Mekelle while the youth and other able-bodied citizens are fleeing to other places or remain behind doors in fear of being taken to war fronts. “I consider myself as the lucky one to escape from Mekelle as the town is becoming an amputated cave for TPLF forces.”

As to him, the youth are recurrently taken to military training centers at mid night and many are disappearing, whenever the trainees are escaping, their families are captured by TPLF leaders to force the return. “If truth to be told, people in Tigray are under grave oppression of the terrorist TPLF and immensely suffering from its common atrocities.”

It has now become clear that TPLF remnants didn’t care about the people and the humanitarian aid brought for the needy is always taken to combatants, and they merely need the existence of the people to beg for the aid. The wounded fighters and child soldiers of course, are confined in hospitals and higher learning institutions and in some shanty huts and not allowed to  go out, but they would always like to go out as there is nothing inside camps.

“The medicine carried to Tigray using planes is displayed in mushroom pharmacies at unaffordable prices. Even aid has now never been given to the people except for those who are working with the TPLF clique and those families who sent children to battlefronts also denied drugs.”

“TPLF has committed war crimes in Kobo and other places to make the people of Tigray and Amhara a lifetime foes. I was internally hurt when the people of Amhara and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces nurtured me well contrary to TPLF’s propaganda and evil deeds,” the ex-chief emphasized.

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