Addis Ababa, May 4, 2022 (FBC) – As terrorist TPLF is seeking to elongate human sufferings in Tigray, elites and members of Diasporas who hail from Tigray have to put maximum pressure on the outlaw group becoming voice of the voiceless so said Tigray Democratic Party (TDP).

In an interview with EPA, TDP Public Relations Head Mulubirhan Haile emphasized that the elites and the Diaspora community should understand the intolerable misery that TPLF has been inflicting on the people and should work day and night to end their sufferings unmasking the true nature of the terrorist force to the rest of the world.

According to him, TPLF had been using humanitarian aids for its personal gain even during Ethiopia’s worst famine that occurred in 1983-1985, by doing so TPLF has proven that it is sworn enemy of the people of Tigray.

The group is now committing the same mistake holding the people hostage, he said adding that it is once again using the humanitarian aid sent to the State for its narrow political gain. Not only the group is misusing the humanitarian aid but it is also forcing the people to give away what they have. Those who claim that they have nothing to offer are subjected to imprisonments, and punishments, he indicated. As to him, the path terrorist TPLF taking is an existential threat for the people of Tigray.

He underlined that elites and member of the Diaspora community who claim to be concerned about the situation in Tigray have not yet denounced the evil deeds of the terrorist TPLF.

“Their complete silence would put a black mark and more importantly would be considered as historical mistake. Moreover, that the terrorist TPLF should not be protected at the expense of the people of Tigray,” he underscored.

He went on saying: “TPLF is playing the victim: causing the problem and pointing finger at others and still confusing the public at large.”

The people have had enough, it should not sacrifice more, he reiterated.

He stressed that Tigray people should not sacrifice for the sake of a terrorist group. Individuals like Haregawi Hagos (MD) and other ethnic Tigray people should let the voice of the people heard.

He further stated that since TPLF is the one who is misusing the food aid and medicines entering to the State, people are suffering.

To this end, the elites and Diaspora community across the world should break their silence and come out with the truth as their silence would be similar to committing historical mistake, he underlined.

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