July 02, 2022 (ENA) Terrorist Tigrayan Army Chief, Tadesse Werede, said the group is making preparations to wage a third-round devastating war.

In his interview with Tigray TV, the leader of the terrorist army stated that “ what I want to communicate is we are making preparations as an army to register bright and significant result.”

The terrorist expressed TPLF’s intention of belligerence and its preparation for war by mobilizing massive fighters from the civilian population.

He also gave hints that the terrorist group could launch attack at anytime.

Speaking about the current humanitarian truce declared by the federal government to facilitate aid flow, Tadesse said that “this is no guarantee that we will not get involved in major conflicts and war.”

 According to him, “the next opportunity we have will be through force, war operations and any other option in order to reach a level where the needs of the Tigray people will be attained.”

It is to be noted that the federal government is doing its utmost to promote peace in the northern part of Ethiopia by taking steps to pave the way for dialogue, lasting peace and creating unfettered access to humanitarian partners in conflict areas.

However, the TPLF with its dubious position is not reciprocating to the peace initiatives offered by the Ethiopian government.

In this respect, the statement of Tadesse proved that the group is mobilizing a massive number of terrorists to adjacent neighboring regions to unleash another war.

He also bluffed that a bright future will come through war.

“The campaigns we undertake from now on will not be isolated operations. They would be carried out in such a manner as to finish the war.”

Even though TPLF is not a group to trust, the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) has passed a decision to resolve the problem in the northern part of the country through peaceful talks.

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