On Aug 8, 2022

Addis Ababa, August 8, 2022 (FBC) – Ministry of Industry announced that some 42 investors and private developments have finalized preparaitons to enter Bulbula Integrated Agro-Industrial Park.

Bulbula Integrated Agro-Industrial Park has been fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructures and facilities, and is ready to accommodate 135 investors, according to the Ministry.

According to the Industry Minister, Melaku Alebel, 94 investors have registered in the park of whom 6 have already started operations. Following measures taken by the government to ensure economic transformation over the last three years, Bulbula, Yirgalem and Bure Agro-Industrial parks have fully completed and gone operational.

Out of the investors who entered the Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks, three have started exporting products to foreign markets, and generated 16.2 million USD in the past two years alone.

The Minister added that 114,000 farmers are currently generating income by supplying the industries with agricultural inputs.

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