Addis Ababa October 7/2022 /ENA/The newly inaugurated state-of-the-art science museum will lay foundation for digitizing the socio-economic sectors of the country, high government officials noted.

The museum in Addis Ababa is now being visited by the public, including government officials.

Approached by ENA while visiting the museum today, Justice Minister Gedion Timotheos said it will lay foundation for digitalization in various fields, which in turn increases the productivity, efficiency and reliability of socio-economic sectors, including the justice ministry.

He stated that technological products will enable the society to get better services through  digitalizing education, health, and economic sectors.

According to the minister, there are technological products on display that will make the documentation of the judicial system digitalized and updated. These would help justice and fairness to prevail.

The displayed products in the museum will also play crucial role in digitalizing socio-economic sectors and facilitate developments in the country, Gedion said.

“The digital technologies we have seen in the museum would practically be foundational for digitalizing all sectors in the country. And if the new generation would engage in and improve their knowledge in digital technology, they would create job opportunities and better serve the community at large.”

 Labor and Skills State Minister, Beker Shale stated that the museum is of paramount importance and great contribution toward realizing digital economy and a technologically developed country.

The realization of the museum proves that the country has been in the right track to achieve digitalization in socio-economic and political sectors.

The state minister further pointed out that the museum would enable the new generation to practically exercise their theoretical knowledge and change them into realities or products.

“As the museum is aimed at building digital economy and realizing technologically developed country, it is eye opening for the new generation to upgrade their capacity of creativity and innovation taking it (the museum) as a laboratory or center of excellence.”

Beker underscored that the museum will enhance Ethiopia’s competitiveness and excellence in science and technology, and is a pillar for building digital economy.

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