Addis Ababa, June 9, 2022 (FBC) – Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin affirms commitment of his country to support Green Initiative Legacy of Ethiopia.

“The Embassy of Russia in Addis Ababa is working to contribute its share for the realization of the Green Legacy Initiative of Ethiopia. “We are planting indigenous trees in the premises of our Embassy which has a large area of coverage in the capital,”

“We are also replacing old trees with the new indigenous ones so as to contribute to the efforts of the country to restore natural resources thereby contribute to greenery endeavors in the capital,” he added.

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative is an exemplary scheme introduced by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ambassador Evgeny noted, describing the intitiative as a great step to prevent the tackle environmental pollution and degradation and to pass on green and clean plant for generations to come.

Russia is committed to further enhance bilateral ties and continue to support Ethiopia on international forums including United Nations, Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin said, reiterating readiness of his country to assist Ethiopia in the military cooperation sector and other multifaceted areas of cooperation.

On June 8 the headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa hosted the Russian Language Day celebration, that concides with the birthday of the Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

On the occasion, Ambassador to Ethiopia Terekhin noted the importance of the Russian language for the development of world civilization, and highly appreciated the UN efforts to maintain multilingualism within the organization.

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