Addis Ababa, November 21, 2022 (FBC) – Regional Training workshop on improving IGAD member states labour migration governance and protection of migrant workers in the Middle East started today in Addis Ababa.

Opening the workshop, Birtukan Ayano, State Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, remarked the need for a robust, comprehensive and coordinated effort to tackle challenges related to migration in the IGAD sub-region.

She highlighted some of the measures taken by the Ethiopian government such as increasing the competitiveness of migrants in the labour-market by equipping them with the necessary skills, and ensuring that their rights are respected.

In this regard, the role of labour attaches proves to be significant. “The need to strengthen the capacity of labour attaches, both in number and skills has been given due attention by the government,” Birtukan noted.

The capacity building workshop will continue for the next five days and cover issues related to labour migration dynamics, normative and policy frameworks, abusive and exploitative labour migration practices, providing support to migrant workers, and policy coordination and collaboration.

Labour attaches, consular/embassy officials and Ministry of Foreign Affairs focal persons of IGAD member states are participating in the workshop.

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