On Aug 27, 2022

Addis Ababa, August 27, 2022 (FBC) – The Ruling Prosperity Party (PP) has  urged the people of Tigray not to allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder for the terrorist TPLF to prolong existense of the outlawed group.

In a statement, the Ruling Party said TPLF has practically demonstrated that it has nothing useful to the people other than trading on blood of the youth in the regioin, recalling that the group recruited and drove underage youths to war. “The people in the region must realize that the terror group will do doing new ohter than repeating what it did before.”

The Party underscored that a quest by the people can be addressed only through accelerating development and strengthening democratic system, not by beating the drum of war.

The intention of the leaders of the terrorist TPLF group to wreack havoc and disintegrate Ethiopia will never succeed; therefore, they have have to refrain from thier belligerent acts, the Party noted.

“The people of Tigray has a responsisbility to pressure the terrorist TPLF to understand that its wicked strategy it devised from its very inception to destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopians is fruitless, and accept the call for peace,” the Party emphasized.

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