On Oct 8, 2022

Addis Ababa, October 8, 2022 (FBC) – The FDRE Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed extended his best wishes of Mawled-un-Nabiy holiday.

Prime Minister Abiy wrote Mawled greetings on his social media platforms saying, “The world benefited greatly from the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  He changed the history of the world.  He has changed the lives of humans.

When celebrating the Mawled-un-Nabi holiday everyone should thrive to change the history of the world and the lives of human beings to the good effect, stated the Premier.

He added, “Our engagement on agriculture and the manufacturing industry will improve the status of our country and the lives of our people.”

Ensuring Ethiopia’s peace, everyone shall turn attention to ensure improvement of the living standard and change the course of history, PM Abiy said.

He, then, called on everyone to work hard to improve the feeding standard of families with the theme of “Plethora of Dinning”.

“Happy Mawled-un-Nabi once again”, the Prime Minister concluded his statement.

The 1497th Mawled-un-Nabi is being celebrated all over Ethiopia with different religious ceremonies.

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