Addis Ababa October 5/2022/ENA/ Cultural exchange between countries in the eastern part of Africa will help to enhance people-to-people tie, which is crucial to encouraging regional trade and investment, members of a visiting Kenyan delegation underlined.

A Kenyan delegation comprised of various segments of society, including academician, artists, community leaders and businessmen, among others, took part in the Oromo thanksgiving festival, Irreecha, which was colorfully celebrated in Addis Ababa and Bishoftu.

Some members of the delegation approached by the Ethiopian News Agency shared their impressions about the Irreecha festival, its essence and contribution to enhancing people-to- people relations within Ethiopia and beyond.

They are very much impressed by the overall spirit of the Irreechaa festival that attracted huge number crowds with splendid love and togetherness.

A musician and Ambassador of Peace, Lemorti Lemor said festivals like Irreechaa are one of the ways to bring people together for mutual benefits.

“Celebrations of such kind should be expanded into the different regions and countries in Africa as they contribute a lot to strengthening people-to-people ties among nations in the region in positive ways.”

The musician stressed the need to make efforts by the people in the region to exploit events like Irreeacha with a view to strengthening regional integration.

A businessman and member of the delegation, Mohamed Ahmed stated that he was able to witness the sprit of love, brotherhood, and togetherness from the festival.  

According to him, cultural events like Irreechaa will help to strengthen people-to-people ties among countries in the region as they allow citizens of each nation to understand and be familiar with the values, traditions and cultures of one another, which in turn play key role to promote regional trade and investment.

“We have to consider Irreeacha as an African event for it is an African culture,” he said, stressing the need to promote the event across the continent to bring economic and social benefits in addition to its contribution to enhancing people-to-people relations, which is vital for a strong trade and investment cooperation among countries in the region.

The businessman stated that making efforts to enhance bilateral ties between Ethiopia and Kenya by promoting cultural exchange among the communities in the two countries is one of the main objectives of the visit to Ethiopia, in addition to paving ways to encourage regional integration.

A community leader for Tana River County, Osman Gutu on his part said there are people who celebrate cultural events with small size, but Irreechaa is a big celebration that brings large number of people together.

“I have learned something that I can take home so that communities can make their festivals inclusive by engaging many other communities around them.”

The visitors also commended the peaceful conclusion of the celebration, despite the enormous participants that joined from all corners of the country. He appreciated the security forces and the collaboration of the general public in this regard.   

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