On Sep 29, 2022

Addis Ababa, September 29, 2022 (FBC) – PCE Venture Manufacturing has inaugurated a 1 billion USD leather factory in Addis Industrial Park in the presence of senior government officials including the Industry Minister Melaku Alebel.

PCE Venture Manufacturing has previously created employment opportunities to more than 180 young men and women in Ethiopia.

Minister Melaku Alebel stated that the investors of PCE first came to Ethiopia for charity work, but then they immediately turned their attention from charity works to making products and creating employment opportunities for the citizens, particularly women.

He explained that the company, which started with a small space and limited number of employees, has now completed a 1$ billion expansion project in Addis Industrial Park.

The Minister labeled the company as an ambassador for Ethiopia’s investment sector, especially in promoting leather products, with a product named Medin Ethiopia,

This product has promoted Ethiopian leather products among the international market.

Melaku stated that the company has a great contribution in raising all the value that go through the leather processing operations from the bottom of the value chain.

He assured that the government will provide all the necessary support as the organization is working to create a wide range of job opportunities in the next ten years.

PCE is expected to produce market products worth up to $100 million in this sector alone.

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