Addis Ababa, August 16, 2022 (FBC) – The FDRE Ministry of Education has announced that free and compulsory education will be delivered from kindergarten to eighth grade as designed in the new draft education and research policy.

Based on the findings of the new education roadmap, general education bill will be implemented to enable citizens to undergo the compulsory system from nursery to eighth grade, and streamline the education process, according to Tewodros Shewareged (PhD), head of the Ministry’s Curriculum Enhancement Department.

He confirmed that a study has been done to show the state of the education sector while trying to prepare the road map and the government has prepared and is implementing a new road map with great attention to fair use and quality of education.

He asserted that, unlike the previous procedure, the study has been conducted by local experts instead of foreign experts.

This extensive study was divided and conducted in six sectors which includes nursery-primary, secondary, teachers’ training, technical and vocational education, higher education and policy issues, the official said.

The research has discovered plenty of deficits in the old education policy; such as quality of education, development of human resources, consistency with the needs of the market, teachers’ competence, support in technology and fair access to education.

The Ministry of Education and regional education bureaus have prepared textbooks and piloted them from KG – the eighth grade; and based on the pilot project, preparations are being made for full implementation of the new education policy in 2022/23 academic year.

By: Mesafint Brlie

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