Addis Ababa August 26/2022/ENA/ The recent looting of the fuel intended for distribution of humanitarian assistance from WFP warehouses is an extension of the cruelty of TPLF to the people of Tigray and neighboring regions.

As pointed out by WFP Chief, David Beasley the Tigrayan forces stole 570,000 liters designated for humanitarian aid distribution in Tigray region.

“These fuel stocks were to be used solely for humanitarian purposes, for the distribution of food, fertilizer and other emergency relief items. This loss of fuel will impact humanitarian operations supporting communities in Northern Ethiopia,” he noted.

The Ethiopian government and many other governments have also joined the World Food Program in condemning Tigrayan forces for stealing over half-a-million liters of fuel meant for delivering food aid.

But weaponizing aid and the act of siphoning assistance away from intended beneficiaries in the Tigray Region is a common path taken by TPLF since the 1980s, and what has now visibly become too conspicuous to miss.

The federal government has, therefore, been warning the international community on multiple occasions and continuously that the TPLF was looting fuel and humanitarian aid in Tigray since the beginning of the conflict in 2020.

Tragically for the Ethiopian people, these calls and warnings have fallen on deaf ears and no action has been taken to address these crimes, the Government Communication Service noted.

On the contrary, the Government of Ethiopia has been taking big steps to facilitate unhindered flow of humanitarian assistance to people in Tigray Region since the conflict began.

The barbaric group has on the other hand invaded and killed hundreds of civilians, including children, in Amhara and Afar regions; and plundered and destroyed property.

One of the female victims of TPLF, Dasash Mesfin said “they (TPLF militants) asked for food and we gave them. They asked for more chickpea stew (shirowot) and powdered pepper. We served them what we have and they fed themselves for days. When they finally left, however, they shot my son on the leg and he was amputated.”

The other female victim, Bosena Gelaw said after having breakfast her son went out. “A militant told him to kneel down near the door. He knelt down. Then the militant killed him. They killed my son who would have taken care of me in my old age. They killed a son of a helpless woman.”

Another woman raped by the terrorists said three militants arrived and griped me; and two of them raped me. The other one was doing a kind of recording.

So the plunder and killing continued in the neighboring regions.  

The terrorist TPLF, which is known for stealing aid to sell and purchase weapons while the people of Tigray starved some three decades ago, has been repeating its acts in the dark. Now its  cruelty is exposed to the world.

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