Addis Ababa, November 3, 2022, (FBC) – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to Libya, Hassan Ibrahim Musa presented his letters of credentials to Mohammed Younis Menfi, President of the Libyan Presidential Council, in Tripoli, Libya.

In their conversation, the president explained that Ethiopia holds a particular place in the eyes of the Libyan government and people because of its contribution to the independence of the African continent, its role as the former OAU and now AU Commission’s capital, and its bilateral ties with Libya.

He commended Ethiopia for its support of Libya’s peace and stability, as well as for its contributions to the African Union’s High Level Committee on Libya.

Appreciating the development trajectory in Ethiopia, he stated that the security problem in the northern part of the country will be resolved with the efforts of the government.

He said that Libya appreciates Ethiopia’s attempts to maintain its independence by fending off outside meddling as well as the strategies it is employing to deal with internal problems.

He wished Ambassador General Hassan Ibrahim a successful tenure and expressed his intention to work closely with him in order to further enhance the relationship between Ethiopia and Libya.

For his part, Ambassador General Hassan Ibrahim commended the Libyan government for its cordial welcome.

He said that Ethiopia is a nation with a deep desire for the stability, peace, and unity of Libya and the Libyan people, and that it will always stand by Libya’s side in pursuit of these goals.

He stated that Ethiopia will work hard to stem human trafficking and expressed his confidence that his government will offer the Ethiopians living in Libya the required assistance.

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