June 21/2022 /ENA/  Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti, Ambassador Berhanu Tsegaye, Chief of Staff of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Eugenio Ambrosi and Chief of Mission of IOM in Djibouti Stéphanie Daviot had a fruitful discussion about ways of strengthening and enhancing efforts to repatriate vulnerable Ethiopian migrants.

During the meeting, the ambassador thanked IOM for its cooperation in repatriating Ethiopians who had migrated along the Ethiopia-Djibouti-Yemen Route.

According to him, the number of Ethiopian migrants seeking to enter the country under the organization’s repatriation program is high.

He therefore emphasized the importance of continued collaboration between the Ethiopian government and  IOM.

Referencing the IOM headquarters in Geneva’s position in barring some migrants from entering their country and participating in the organization’s repatriation program, citing security concerns in some parts of Ethiopia, Berhanu urged the organization to reconsider its position as it does not take into account the government’s ongoing peace-building efforts.

Chief of Mission of IOM in Djibouti Eugenio Ambrosi appreciated the Ethiopian government’s continuous efforts in conjunction with the IOM to return Ethiopian migrants to various parts of the country and reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to expediting its numerous initiatives to assist vulnerable migrants.

The Ethiopian Embassy and the IOM office in Djibouti have agreed to expand their collaboration in order to optimize repatriation efforts.

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