Addis Ababa, June 2, 2022 (FBC) – Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Tagesse Chafo noted that Ethiopia is relentlessly delivering humanitarian aid to people in need and facilitating conducive environment for partners involved in relief operations.

During his discussion with Representative Trent Kelly, Congressman of the USA, he affirmed the government’s commitment to the delivery and unfettered access for humanitarian operations.

The government has continued to provide assistance to people in need even in difficult situations, the Speaker elucidated.

He also underscored that whenever there are human rights violations, due process of law is being monitored; the Speaker elucidated. As a result of the government’s initiative to ensure that all sections of the population in need of legal protection receive appropriate protection, he said, adding that law enforcement has not been neglected.

He said Ethiopia has recently established a National Dialogue Commission to better maintain its internal peace and unity.

For his part, Trent Kelly expressed his desire for all the good initiatives to be strengthened. He expressed hope that the government would ensure compliance with all international human rights treaties and laws ratified by Ethiopia.

In addition to what they discussed, they both agreed to maintain the diplomatic friendship and mutual interest of the two countries who already have a long history of relations, according to the information learnt from the speaker’s office of House of Representatives.

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