Addis Ababa, November 21, 2022 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Government is totally fulfilling its responsibilities, conformed to the Pretoria Peace Agreement, according to the Minister of Government Communication Service, Legese Tulu.

The Minister said that positive and lasting peace originates from inner desire.

If inner desire is to look inward and heal our wounds, to ensure the equal benefits and unity of the people, if it stems from these goals, looks at the bigger purpose, and hope for the future, then lasting peace can be achieved, Legese stated.

For this reason, “we tolerate issues that seem to be minor problems for the time being, but are not significant in terms of long-term benefits, for the sake of our main goal”, said the Minister.

Externalizing things and echoing the problems arising from doubt and fear for the time being can never be a part of the solution alone, he said.

For this reason, it is important to take concrete steps, the Minister pointed out.

Accordingly, the government is fully implementing its responsibilities based on the Pretoria Peace Agreement, Legese added.

He also stated that the government is also facilitating humanitarian aid and medical supplies from partners to the Tigray region through all corridors.

The Minister said that the groups of professionals in each sector are working together to restore basic services, confirming that some of the public institutions have started providing services in some areas as well.

The government is ensuring its officials at all levels as well as the media are following the principles of the peace agreement, he mentioned in his post on social media.

He said that this tangible effort and desire of the government should be implemented into action by the other side [TPLF] in accordance with the principle of the agreement.

Legese further added that it is necessary to directly confront against the forces that create obstacles so that the principles of the peace agreement turn into concrete actions.

He also emphasized that optimism and committed action from every Ethiopian is crucial to establish lasting peace.

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