Addis Ababa, October 3, 2022 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Government Communication Service praised the public for its irreplaceable role on peaceful celebrations of public and religious festivals and holidays.

Numerous religious and public holidays and festivals have been celebrated peacefully with pomp and harmonious ceremonies throughout Ethiopia in the month of September.

Ringing of the Ethiopian New Year and its eve, Mesqel-Demera, Irreechaa and Geshen Debre Kerbe festivals, as well as other festivals celebrated in different regions and zones in the southern parts of the country were celebrated with splendor by millions of people and many tourists without any security concerns, the statement declared.

As ever, the entire public in the country contributed immensely to the celebration of the festivals and it deserves huge praise for it, it said.

The government confirmed that the people who traveled to different parts of the country to celebrate the holidays received true Ethiopian love.

The statement added that the Federal Police and other security forces in collaboration with the community have effectively carried out concerted peace and security operations which foiled the ambitions of terrorist groups who planned to spoil the holidays.

Media institutions echoed the highlights of the glamorous festivals to strengthen national unity, promote domestic tourism and entrepreneurship.

The fact that the September holidays were celebrated with splendor and complete peace has showed that the country can achieve effective activities even at the middle of several challenges and has also demonstrated the value of solidarity among Ethiopians, applauded the government.

The government extended its gratitude to the security institutions, concerned government organizations at all levels, religious leaders, elders, youth, media institutions, and all the people who contributed to the peaceful and splendid celebration of the holidays and festivals.

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