Addis Ababa October 5/2022 (ENA) Ethiopia’s numerous ancient and historical heritages make it a leading and preferred tourist destination in Africa, according to German tourists.

A group of 28 German tourists have visited Emperor Fasilides’s palace, a world heritage site, yesterday.

Dieter Forsen, owner of a tour company in Germany, said the wonderful natural and man-made heritages in Ethiopia are the first in Africa to attract tourists.

The tourist who noted that the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela highlight the wonderful craftsmanship of Ethiopians, added that these are popular among German citizens.

Noting that he has known Ethiopia since the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, Forsen said that the country’s “registered world heritages play significant role in attracting foreign tourists.”

Eduard Zehetur, a member of the tourist group, said on his part that “Ethiopia is given a prominent place in Africa as a destination by many tourists since it is an ancient and historically rich country.”

Pointing out that the country is home to many different cultures and beliefs, he further noted that its citizens have built values of living together in unity and harmony.

Zehetur also said that even if it is not his first time to come to Ethiopia, “the hospitality and culture of people fascinates him.”

The other member of the group who manages a tour organization in Germany, Fankli Fan stated that he will contribute his share to encourage Germans to come and visit Ethiopia by promoting its hidden wealth to the German people.

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