Addis Ababa October 3/2022 (ENA) Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN in Geneva Ambassador Zenebe Kebede called on foreign forces to support the peace and development efforts of the Ethiopian Government.

Ambassador Zenebe has also warned some foreign forces to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia by supporting the terrorist TPLF group that is attempting to weaken and destroy Ethiopia.

It is to be recalled that the government of Ethiopia has been taking measures to thwart the threats posed by the terrorist TPLF against the survival of Ethiopia and bring order in the country.

However, some foreign forces have been attempting to create various challenges on Ethiopia by interfering in the internal affairs of the country by using this incident.   

Zenebe told ENA that the distorted view of some countries about Ethiopia does not reflect the reality and it is against its sovereignty.

The terrorist TPLF, that publicly declared to leave no stone unturned with a view to weakening and destroying Ethiopia, has been exerting efforts to realizing the mission it received from foreign forces.

Some external forces are openly and covertly supporting the existence of the terrorist TPLF group, he said adding that they will never succeed.  

He stressed that Ethiopians will resist together to protect the sovereignty of their country.  

Therefore, Zenebe said, the foreign forces that are supporting the terrorist group by interfering in Ethiopia’s internal affairs should stop their actions and support the government’s peace and development efforts.

“Supporting TPLF won’t benefit them. Respect Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Stop double standard, hypocrisy and depend on the truth. Ethiopians never bowed down to foreign pressure.”

Zenebe stated that Ethiopia’s foreign policy is based on cooperation and strengthening friendship with all countries of the world.

Despite this, some external forces are supporting the terrorist TPLF noting that “They had tried to put pressure on the government in order to remove it from power, but failed. The government and people did not allow this and had never happened in their history. Ethiopians will not accept this to happen. …Hence, it is crucial to strengthen cooperation respecting the sovereignty of the country by refraining from interfering in the internal affairs of the country.”  

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