September 19/2022 (ENA) The market and investment potential of Ethiopia in pharmaceutical sector is promising, Chinese pharmaceuticals suppliers said.

Speaking to ENA, Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Company Regional Manager, Shawn Wong said that his company has been supplying medical equipment to Ethiopia for more than 17 years.

His company provides solutions in patient monitoring and life support, medical imaging, and in-vitro diagnostics with high-quality, richly featured medical products making the health care in Ethiopia more accessible and affordable, he added.

“Since we see the potential”, the company is also working a lot to invest more in the pharmaceuticals markets of Ethiopia, he underscored.

“Ethiopia is the second populous country in Africa with more than 100 million people. So, this is a basement. Then, the government of Ethiopia cares about the health sector. So, we can see a lot of new projects or new trends. So, we will see the potential and invest a lot in this market.”

His company has also a plan to install the factory in Africa; and Ethiopia will be the first in the continent, he pointed out.

Another Chinese Pharmaceuticals, Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Company Senior Account Manager Ethan Wu on his part said his company has been marketing in Ethiopia for more than 10 years focusing on point-of-care testing (POCT) products and providing customers with professional rapid diagnosis and chronic disease management solutions.

He reiterated that the market and demand of pharmaceuticals in Ethiopia is huge.

“Pharmaceuticals market in Ethiopia is very good and the demand is also huge. … We like to supply more. So that we can provide our affordable quality and reliable product to benefit more Ethiopian people,” Wu said.

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