Addis Ababa October 5/2022/ENA/ The priority given by Ethiopia to expedite technological infrastructures in the country will help to find ways in addressing African problems through African digital solutions, said Professor Tommy Meyer, a computer science teacher and researcher at the Center for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

The first Pan African Artificial Intelligence Conference in Ethiopia was held at the newly inaugurated Science Museum.

The conference mainly focused on solving African problems with an African digital alternative. Scholars and researchers from various African countries have participated in the conference.

Among the scholars who presented research papers at the event, Professor Tommy Meyer, a computer science teacher at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and a researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Center, said Africa must work to keep up with the growing technology sector globally.

Technological and digital transformation is not something to be left for the next generation, but needs to be started today, develop through time, he said.

Therefore, he added, children and youth should be trained in the field so that they can grow with being able to understand about what Artificial Intelligent is.

In this regard, science and technology museums like the one Ethiopia has will play a great role, Professor Meyer said.

He also explained that it is not possible to solve Africa’s problems in a sustainable way with directly applied technologies imported from other countries.

Therefore, “we need African artificial intelligence and other digital options for Africa’s problems,” he stressed.

Professor Meyer said that making this a reality is the next big homework of African countries.

He mentioned that Ethiopia is carrying out exemplary technological infrastructure constructions in a short period of time.

He further noted that the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute, which was established two years ago, is doing its part to bring together African scholars and researchers in the field.

Director General of Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence, Engineer Warku Gachna, said that Ethiopia’s focus on technology development, including telecom infrastructure, will create opportunities for digital transformation.

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The country will work to expand service delivery assisted with digital technology by creating favorable conditions, he said.

He also stated that Ethiopia is committed to working closely with African countries, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

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