On Nov 9, 2022

Addis Ababa, November 9, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Rashid Mohammed, meeting this week with Kossam Mupezeni, Director for Africa, Asia and Pacific Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Zimbabwe, noted that Ethiopia wishes to update the areas of the bilateral cooperation with Zimbabwe with a view to fully harness the joint cooperation mechanism.

In this regard, Ambassador Rashid suggested that the Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting forms the basis for greater development and achievements of Ethio-Zimbabwean relations. It was also agreed to build platforms to provide the two chambers of commerce with a sound environment for further economic and investment cooperation.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Rashid held, a media briefing on the core elements of the peace agreement signed between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF, reiterated the Government of Ethiopia remains engaged in translating its commitments into real actions to solve the conflict in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia through dialogue.

The Ambassador, who was appreciative of Zimbabwe’s staunch commitment for the national unity and independence of Ethiopia, answered questions from journalists following the briefing session. Zimbabwean media including Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and The Business Connect Weekly Newspaper attended the briefing.

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