Addis Ababa October 6/2022 (ENA) A continental event in which all African countries will participate is going to be held in Addis Ababa next week.

The continental event dubbed “Africa for Africans” will take place from October 11-13, 2015 at the Friendship Park in the capital city.  

It was pointed out that Ethiopia will reflect its strong position for the common good by strengthening continental unity.

Public Diplomacy Director-General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dina Mufti told ENA that the event mainly indicates Ethiopia’s position for the strengthening of African unity and common prosperity.

Apart from strengthening the brotherhood of Africans, the event will create a favorable environment for highlighting the influence and acceptance of Africa in the international community, he added.

According to Dina, the event would play a crucial role in showing Ethiopia’s contribution toward strengthening cooperation and friendship with all Africans.

“Everything that is done for an African country is based on the principle of mutual benefit. It is possible to fully protect our national interests by cooperating with our African brothers and sisters. It is because Ethiopia firmly believes that by working together with the continent, there is an opportunity to be heard in the world, there is an opportunity to fully protect our interests; and this means that we can move forward better in terms of protecting the interests of Africans.”  

He stated that it is appropriate to work together with neighbors and other Africans to achieve peace and tranquility in Ethiopia, the economic and political benefits of the community.

In this regard, the director-general said the event to be held this month will play a key role in strengthening regional and continental cooperation of organizations to highlight African brotherhood.

By organizing this and similar events, continuous works will be done to strengthen public diplomacy.

“We have a view that the things we do together with Africans will be viable in order to fully protect our national interest,” Dina stressed.

Tourism State Minister, Selamawit Dawit said the event will help the tourism sector to become more active.

The country’s tourism was under various pressures, she noted, adding that other fields, including conference tourism, are given attention to stimulate the sector.

In this way, the event of “Africa for Africans” will bring more conference tourism to Addis Ababa, which hosts many international meetings, and brings economic and social benefits to the country.

There is a platform where countries participating in the program can promote their dresses, food culture, values, lifestyle, and tourism destinations, it was learned.

She further explained that the event is a good opportunity to increase the economic value of the sector by promoting the resources that Ethiopia has.

Selamawit mentioned that Ethiopia is the owner of ancient history and heritage as well as new attractions, and the program will be prepared in such a way as to make the participants visit the attractions.

“This event is meant to create an opportunity for Africans to come and enjoy Addis Ababa, as well as for the diplomatic communities living in the capital to show the potential of their countries, especially what Africa has and what it can contribute to the world.”

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