Addis Ababa, May 26, 2022 (FBC) -Ethiopia has repatriated 28,000 citizens who were suffering from hostile condition in Saudi Arabia detention centers within two months.

The committee established to oversee the repatriation of Ethiopian migrants from Saudi Arabia had a performance assessment meeting on Thursday.

The meeting noted that the government established nine makeshift centers equipped with full provisions of accommodations, including mattresses, personal hygiene items, and foodstuff to host the returnees.

Challenges related to implementing the rehabilitation plans, data management, and delayed baggage of the returnees are observed, including pressures to accommodate women and men returnees in similar makeshift centers.

State Minister and chair of the committee, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, said the task of repatriating Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia has continued according to the schedule.

Recalling the plan to repatriate about 100,000 Ethiopian migrants within 7 to 11 months, she urged stakeholders to work diligently and meet the objectives.

She said plans to repatriate Ethiopians from Tanzania, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen, and Oman are underway and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to citizen-centered diplomacy.

The committee stressed the need to observe the challenges, including the expenses of the repatriation process, to meet the objectives.

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