Addis Ababa, July 19, 2022 (FBC) – The electronic single window system is one of the key trade and transport facilitation instruments prioritized by most of the member states of COMESA to improve the ease doing business and to enhance intra-regional trade in line with the provision of the COMESA Treaty and other international agreements.

Electronic single window systems for international trade are being increasingly used around the world and in the region as a tool for coordinated border management to simplify and make efficient the process of data and information exchange for import and export operations.

In addition, the introduction of the electronic single window facility has brought benefits to governments and the trading community which includes better risk management, reduced paper work, minimized data inaccuracy and forgery through online data sharing and tracking of commercial processes among member states.

In that regard, above half of the COMESA member states are already implementing electronic single window while the remaining are at different planning phases.

Ethiopia is one of the member states which successfully developed and implementing national electronic single window system for trade facilitation. The Ethiopian electronic single window project which was officially launched by Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed on 4 January 2020, brings together sixteen Ethiopia government regulatory agencies eventually enabling traders to process all documentation relating to import, transit and export through a single electronic submission.

As a founding member of COMESA, Ethiopia is always committed to the implementation of the provision of the COMESA Treaty towards the achievement of regional integration and African economic integration, Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration stated.

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