Addis Ababa, June 30, 2022 (FBC) – While briefing journalist on latest developments in Ethiopia, Press Secretariat of the Office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum noted that the Government is committed to the principle of African Solution to African Problems’.

Responding to a question forwarded by a journalist that TPLF said that they want to stick to have talks in Nairobi; Billene said that Ethiopia is committed to the AU led peace process. If this is a reference to the president of Kenya as well, President Uhuru Kenyatta fully supports the AU led initiative.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta is a friend of Ethiopia. He like other actors around the region, as well want peace to prevail in our country and the region. He supports also our principled approach as Ethiopians for African solutions to African problems, particularly in relation to peace and security matters,” the Press Secretariat said, adding that Ethiopia has got a principled focus on the African led peace process.

Regarding the situation with Sudan, Billene stated that the Ethiopian Defence Force did not involve in the skirmish and no prisoner of war had been executed.

The allegation that the Ethiopian national defense forces were the ones that instigated the skirmish is categorically rejected by the Ethiopian side, she added.

The government of Ethiopia remains committed to the principles of amicable resolution of any differences among states, she noted, adding that Ethiopia is very close to the people of Sudan and the Sudanese people have got brotherly and sisterly relationships with Ethiopians.

Ethiopia maintains the posture of establishing and maintaining friendly relations with all of the neighbors throughout the region, she stressed.

Concerning the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Press Secretariat said that Eritrea and Ethiopia have come a long way in terms of the peaceful resolution of two decades of conflict.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea has its natural progression from a stalemate position to cordial relations, Billene noted. “So this is something that will be built upon and continue,” she added.

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