Addis Ababa, August 6, 2022 (FBC) – State Minister of the Government Communications Service, Selamawit Kassa briefed the media on latest developments focusing on humanitarian issues and activities being carried out by the government to ensure peace and security.

In her briefing, Selamawit said Ethiopia has been registering remarkable results in fostering military diplomacy with neighboring countries in terms of ensuring peace and security in the region.

Saying that the Ethiopian National Defense Force jointly with the Somali Region Special Force has taken military action against Al-Shabab militants who tried to encroach the territory of Ethiopia, Selamawit added the Somalia government has blocked its door to the retreating forces and supported the operation taken by Ethiopia, attributing such actions to the flourishing military diplomacy with neighboring countries.

The Military diplomacy gain has enabled the nation to undertake successful military action on the Al-Shabab militants.

Regarding the recent law enforcement operations, Selamawit stated that some 333 militants of the terrorist Group Shene have been destroyed and other 671 people are arrested and under investigation in connection with complicity with the outlawed group.

Ammunition depots of the terrorist group have also been destroyed in the operation carried out jointly by the National Army and Oromia Special Force, the State Minister indicated, calling the community to support the operation.

On the other hand, the State Minister said that humanitarian assistance has been delivered to more than 3 million people who have been affected by the drought condition in several parts of Oromia Region including Borena, Bale, Guji and Hararge zones over the last months.

Still there is a need to increase the humanitarian assistance to those affected by the drought, she said, adding priority areas have already been identified for further assistance.

Since April more than 4,300 trucks loaded with food and non-food humanitarian items have entered Tigray, Selamawit said, adding 1,081,000 liter of fuel has also been delivered to the region.

The testimony of the U.S. and EU Special Envoys and Ambassador who recently returned from Mekelle has corroborated the fact that there is enough food in Tigray humanitarian warehouses.

“Government is committed to continue delivering aid to people in need Tigray. Any interested partner is welcomed to join the humanitarian operation into Tigray and other affected areas without any precondition and restriction.”

Government has continued facilitating enabling condition for unrestricted land and air humanitarian operations to the region. Selamawit further called on some special envoys and ambassadors and other members of the diplomatic communities who contacted the rebel group leaders to refrain from giving unconstructive comments that seem to favor the other side. She also reiterated government’s commitment to the AU led peace process.

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