Addis Ababa, September 23, 2022, (FBC) – Ethiopia appreciates the implementation of the Doha Program of Action (DPA) for quick, sustainable and inclusive ways of recovery and resilience of developing countries, according to Ayele Lire, Directorate General of International Organizations Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Ethiopia.

On the sidelines of the 77th UN General Assembly, high-level forum of landlocked and developing countries, in which Ethiopia is one of the members, has kicked off in New York.

This high-level forum is advising on issues that can be addressed through cooperation and mutual support.

Ayele Lire, at the Forum, said that landlocked countries are being hit by COVID-19, climate change, food, energy and financial crisis.

According to Ayele, the Doha Program of Action (DPA) should be fully implemented with development partners in confidence and true allegiance to tackle the problems which the developing and landlocked countries face.

Although Ethiopia is going through many challenges, it has prepared a 10-year development plan showing great political commitment and is working to improve poverty reduction, employment, structural change, peace and good governance, he remarked.

He recalled that 25 billion seedlings have been planted by implementing the Green Legacy Initiative in Ethiopia to prevent the problems caused by climate change.

The participants pledged to reduce trade and transport barriers to encourage greater cooperation and achieve shared sustainable development.

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