Addis Ababa, May 9, 2022 (FBC) – Ethio Telecom has officially launched state of the arts 5G mobile network in Addis Ababa in the precence of high level government officials.

On the launching ceremony, CEO of Ethio Telecom Frehiwot Tamru said the company has  been expanding our 3G and 4G networks throughout the nation effectively achieving 97% telecom services coverage, densifying the network and upgrading the earlier technologies to the latest ones. 

In addition to the network expansion, the company has introduced variety of products and services including digital services. It has also broadened its service horizon by introducing mobile financial service, telebirr, she said.

Continuing our effort in enhancing and modernizing our telecom services, today we are pleased to announce the launching of our pre- commercial 5G services in Addis Ababa in six mobile stations.

“The fifth generation network (5G) characterized by the fastest speed (up to10 Gbs), low latency (less than 1 ms) and massive communication capability (up to 1 Million connections within 1 km2), can unlock blazing fast speeds in more places, real-time responses and massive connectivity.”

“As part of the pre-commercial trial service, we have begun our service in the Capital and will expand our footprint to regional cities up to 150 sites over the coming 12 months. We shall further roll out 5G sites to more areas based on feasible business demands.” Frehiwot added.

The 5G service will provide customers with best-in-class solutions, improve their experience and allow enterprise customers to boost productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and introduce new solutions to their customers, it is indicated on the occasion.

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