Addis Ababa, October 21, 2022 (FBC) – The Ethio-Djibouti 230 kV 2nd circuit high power transmission line and distribution station construction project has officially started.

Asheber Balcha, Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), during the launching event, said the project will generate more foreign currency for Ethiopia.

The project will play a massive role for Djibouti in stimulating its industry and extending access to electricity by purchasing power at a reasonable price, the CEO stated.

In addition, it will also expedite the regional energy connection and strengthen the electricity and transport linkage of the two countries.

Deputy Director General of Djibouti Electricity Institute, Abubakar Hassan, on his part, said that the 2nd power transmission line construction project is of paramount importance to Djibouti.

He stated that it, especially, will enable them to address the lack of energy supply in his country by providing uninterrupted power supply to the society at a reasonable price.

He stated that the project will include expansion construction at Kombolcha II and Semera substations, and a 230 KV new substation will be constructed in Mille town.

Moreover, EEP confirmed that the existing 230 KV line of 170 km from Kombolcha II to Semera will be renovated, and a new 230 KV line of 290 km from Semera to the Djibouti border will be installed.

It has been stated that the 240 megawatts power supply line project will be built by the governments of the two countries.

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