Addis Ababa, October 20, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopian diaspora living in Europe held public rally in Brussels, calling on Western powers and some international organizations to refrain from their unfair pressure on Ethiopia and undermining its sovereignty.

Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia living in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany gathered and participated in the rally held in Shuman Square in front of the European Commission, in Brussels.

The purpose of the demonstration was to protest the unfair stance and inappropriate intervention of some western powers in Ethiopia and to inform the international community about the existing reality, said coordinators of the ‘Defend Ethiopia Task Force Europe’.

According to the Task Force, the demonstrators held slogans calling on some western powers and international organizations to stop the politically motivated pressure they are imposing on Ethiopia.

The organizers of the rally said that they submitted a letter to the EU Commission’s head of foreign affairs, asking to refrain from its unfair pressure and intervention in Ethiopia.

In addition to EU Commission, the Schuman Square is also home to the Belgian Parliament, the American Embassy and other large government institutions.

ENA reported that, since its establishment, ‘Defend Ethiopia Task Force Europe’ is conducting a campaign to promote Ethiopia’s national interest in the digital world by coordinating Ethiopians and European-Ethiopians living in Europe.

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