Temesgen Desalegn, Managing Editor of the weekly Feteh Amharic magazine is released on a 30 thousand ETB bail after 176 days of detention. 

Temesgen was arrested by security officers on May 26. His arrest came amid the string of dissident crackdowns on journalists and media personnel at the time which was supposedly related to the law enforcement operation in the Amhara Regional State. 

The journalist was allegedly suspected of publicizing confidential military secrets, sharing confusing information about the national military, and intent to create division between the government and the people.

The court freed Temesgen of the aforementioned charges on Oct 21. However, it was ruled Temesgen shall remain in custody and defend the third case opened against him which was a charge of disseminating hate speech and disinformation. 

The Federal High Court Lideta, Anti Terrorism, and Constitutional First Instance Bench decided Temesgen Desalegn be released on a 30 thousand ETB bail today. 

During his 176 days of Temesgen’s stay in prison, his brother Tariku Temesgen reported in June that Temesgen suffered a serious physical assault and beating. 

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