On Sep 6, 2022

Addis Ababa, September 6, 2022 (FBC) – Ethiopians, people of Ethiopian origin staged a rally in Washington D.C. where they denounced the terrorist TPLF’s renewed war on Ethiopia and continued attack on innocent civilians.

The rally has been held outside the Head Office of the U.S. Department of State under the motto “We do not compromise on the unity and sovereignty of our homeland”,

Demonstrators have reaffirmed support to the National Defence Forces and regional security forces who are fighting against the terrorist TPLF forces to defend sovereignty of the nation and ensure law and order.

“No More Misguided Policy and sanctions on Ethiopia and Eritrea”, “Reinstate Ethiopia on AGOA”, “Hands off Ethiopia and Eritrea” are among the slogans carried by the demonstrators.

They also asked the U.S. Government to reshape its foreign policy in a way that will ensure mutual respect and benefit among the countries.

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