Addis Ababa, November 4, 2022 (FBC) – Ambassador Redwan Hussein, Prime Minister’s National Security Adviser and member of the Peace Alternative Committee, said that since the peace agreement signed maintains Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, every citizen should assume responsibility for its implementation.

In attendance of the FDRE Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, Ambassador Redwan briefed the Speakers of the two Houses, regional heads of state, senior government officials and officials of the Prosperity Party regarding the general process and tasks expected in the future to implement the agreement.

He said that the agreement mainly focused on securing Ethiopia’s lasting peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The National Security Adviser pointed out that the agreement has been concluded in a manner that respects the common interests of the people of Ethiopia.

Redwan stated that it was agreed there cannot be two armed forces in one sovereign country and that the rule of law should be restored.

In this regard, activities against the constitution will be ended and a transitional administration will be established in Tigray region until elections are held based on the constitution.

Ambassador Redwan emphasized that the only option and solution the country has is stand together. This way, the affected members of the society will recover from their injuries and return to their previous social ties.

He mentioned that the damage inflicted is a loss to all Ethiopians. Hence, rebuilding works including the destroyed institutions should be undertaken together.

Redwan also explained that communication and linkage activities should take into consideration the common fate of the people.

He underscored that Ethiopians should work together to rehabilitate the injured citizens by with the existing domestic capacities.

Concerted efforted are also required to ease economic, diplomatic and other pressures caused by the conflict, he underlined.

In this regard, he pointed out that the media should not exacerbate the challenges, but should work on creating a situation where citizens can learn from the past challenges and strengthen their solidarity in the future.

Ambassador Redwan Hussein said that Ethiopia, home to all its citizens, has been affected by the conflict. Therefore, the agreement will create an opportunity to elevate Ethiopia with the integrated efforts of all citizens.

According to the report by ENA, Redwan called on citizens to foil any obstructive movement that hinders the peace agreement implementation process.

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