Addis Ababa, June 9, 2022 (FBC) – Ambassador Teshome Toga held a discussion with Gao Lei, the vice president of CGCOC Group and Managing Director of East African Branch on ways in which the company can make investments on the Green Development Projects focusing on Solar Energy, Electric City Bus and Juncao Technology in Ethiopia.

During the discussion Ambassador Teshome noted that the Ethiopian Government has committed to carrying on Green Development Projects and doing so encouraging companies like CGCOC Group.Co. Ltd. to invest in Ethiopia. 

He added that Ethiopia is gifted with significant renewable energy resources, with huge potential of hydro, solar, wind, and geothermal power and called to work by joint venture with Ethiopian investors who have an interest in related areas.

From overcoming the highly demanded public transport service in Ethiopia, the company will be mutually beneficial to invest in the Electric Bus sector, the Ambassador elaborated. 

Ethiopia, as the home of the largest livestock population in Africa, the embassy will provide the necessary support to the CGCOC Group to realize ”Juncao Technology ” which is the reputable project that works mainly on animal fodder and mushroom productions.

Gao Lei on his side said that CGCOC Group Co., Ltd. is an international enterprise with business covering over many countries around the world, and as Ethiopia the pioneer of Green Development Projects, the company has designed three new matching projects. 

He added that the company has committed to execute those projects by working together with Ethiopian Investors.

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