Addis Ababa, September 16, 2022 (FBC) – People’s Republic of Bangladesh expressed interest to share its experiences in labor migration management with Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), State Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Bangladesh, Shahriar Alam said Ethiopia can benefit from labor migration in investing on the youth in areas of, among others, technical and vocational education and health care. “Bangladesh is ready to share its experiences with Ethiopia to this end,” he said.

Saying that a demand for Bangladesh migrant workforce is increasing in countries of the Middle East, Europe, the State Minister attributed the result to high investment on the youth cognizant of the need in the target labor market.

We have done a lot to achieve our goals in the oversea deployment areas including signing of agreements with countries.

“Ethiopia can do the same, and we are fully committed to share our best experiences in this regard. As a nation with a huge young population Ethiopia, is in a position to benefit from its young and skilled workforce. Our cooperation would help ensure that migrant workers are able to benefit their country. This is an area of cooperation in which we can work together and learn from one another,” Shahriar Alam noted.

Regarding the current situation in Ethiopia, the State Minister said that the Government of Ethiopia declared unilateral ceasefire and then humanitarian truce to peacefully resolve the situation, calling the other party to reciprocate the same.

“The African Union is trying to play a leadership role, and it must be given support from the international community to this end. Ethiopia deserves peace and tranquility to achieve its development aspirations, so peaceful resolution of the conflict should be given due emphasis”, the State Minister added.

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