On May 29, 2022

Addis Ababa, May 29, 2022 (FBC) – Algeria-Ethiopia Parliamentary Friendship Group is established within the People’s National Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) as part of steps to further bolster Ethiopia Algeria relations.

Speaking on the occasion of the establishment of the friendship group, the Honorable Hani Mohamed, President of Foreign Relations Commission of the People’s National Assembly, said that the establishment of the group will help promote cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries.

Chairman of the Algeria-Ethiopia Friendship Group, Mohamed Redha Benallegue, on his part stated that his group will work to promote people to people relation between the brotherly people of Ethiopia and Algeria.

Ambassador Nebiat Getachew, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Algeria, underscored that the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Algeria is committed to support the parliamentary diplomacy through exchange of visits between members of parliaments of the two friendly countries.

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