Addis Ababa September 28/2022/ENA/ Ministry of Finance, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and National Dialogue Commission have signed a program document that enables to financially support the national dialogue process in Ethiopia.

According to a statement issued by Ministry of Finance today, UNDP has allotted 2.2 million USD to finance the national dialogue process and will administer a financial buffer to be opened to collect funds from development partners for the 3-year program.

Some 32.8 million USD is expected to be collected from development partners through the financial buffer that UNDP will open.

In addition to the annual budget to be allocated by the government to the National Dialogue Commission, the fund collected from partners will be managed by an independent trust fund, it was learned.

The set-up of the trust fund is believed to contribute to the commission’s mission by strengthening its institutional capacity to carry out its duties, including holding inclusive national dialogue based on schedule, and generate recommendations to resolve differences.

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