The Addis Ababa University disclosed that it has planned to produce 10,000 research articles, which are vital to the national development of the country and other important regional and international issues, over the coming five years.

Opening the Research and Fair Week 2022 today,  Addis Ababa University President Professor Tassew Woldehana told journalists that the university will increase the annual publication of research articles from the current 2000 to 10,000 in the next five years.

“We are producing about 2,000 articles per annum. The target is to increase it to 10,000 in the coming five years. Every lecturer or researcher in the university has to produce at least two papers per year. We are already close to achieve this. Currently, the assistant professors and above are producing 1.8 a year. So, we are doing well. This puts us as the best in Africa and we are  ranked the first in East Africa.” the president said.

The research articles will focus on vital topics that have significance to the national development of the country and other important regional and international issues, he said.   

According to him, as the university has been acknowledged as a research university besides its educational programs, it also priorizes on conducting researches and undertaking community engagements.

“Addis Ababa University has been undertaking Research and Fair Week for the past five years. It is not only research week, but job and book fairs will also be exhibited this week to connect students with employers, and authors with readers.”

The research producers, including the universities and beneficiaries of the researches such as industries and policy makers should share responsibility for science based development in the country, the president stressed.

“Researches conducted in universities should not only be put on the shelves. The researches have to be problem-solving for the community and industries.”

Addis Ababa University has produced over 200 collaborative researches with various institutions, according to the president.

However, lack of funding and collaboration are among the main challenges to conduct problem-solving researches and implement them, it was learned.

As drivers of change, the university has also nine centers of excellences, of which six are actively working for the transformation and development of the country and Africans based on teaching and conducting science based researches in different areas, it was indicated.   

The Research and Fair Week 2022 will stay open in the university and colleges until 12, 2022.  

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