Addis Ababa, August 4, 2022 (FBC) – On Thursday, Steffan Thijs handed over a copy of his letter of credentials to Demeke Atinafu, Director General of Protocol Affairs at Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Both sides exchanged views on the long-standing historical ties and existing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Director General Demeke welcomed the ambassador to Addis Ababa, the third largest diplomatic hub in the world with hundreds of embassies and international organizations.

He shared his hope that with constant engagement with the new ambassador, the good Ethio-Belgian relations will not only be solidified but will also be further diversified in terms of areas of cooperation, which include elevated trade, investment, and people-to-people relations.

The Director General also briefed the Belgian ambassador on the current domestic situation and commitments taken by the Ethiopian government to bring lasting peace in the country by ending the conflict in the Northern Part, facilitating unfettered humanitarian assistance, bringing the wrongdoers to accountability, and establishing an all-inclusive National Dialogue Commission.

On his part, Ambassador Steffan Thijs shared his delight, as Addis Ababa is his first mission to be assigned in Africa. He said, “Coming to Ethiopia is as if coming back to my roots,” indicating that Ethiopia is the land of origins.

He stressed the need for more engagement between Addis and Brussels as the two capitals host the largest continental organizations, the African Union and European Union.

During his stay in Ethiopia, he also pledged to scale up bilateral relationships that exist between the two countries and multilateral relationships. Demeke told the Belgian Ambassador that his office is ready to provide the necessary services that will make his duties in Addis Ababa fruitful.

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