On May 22, 2022

Addis Ababa, May 22, 2022 ( FBC) – South Korean Company, Shints Garment constructed 2,700 residential houses with over 10 million USD on the premises of the Bole Lemi Industrial Park recently.

Speaking at the inauguration recently, Industrial Parks Development Corporation CEO Sandokan Debebe said the construction of the residential houses in the industrial park, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, will go a long way to address the employees’ housing problem.

The houses’ construction is also instrumental to the corporation’s aim of meeting the growing housing demand that has been triggered by the inflow of people to areas where industrial parks are built and made operational.

“It is the first housing project in Ethiopia’s industrial parks and it is an exemplary act to create a friendly environment for employees that other industrial companies are expected to follow the footsteps of Shints Garment to make a difference in all aspects.”

Noting the manufacturing industry is one of the main priorities of the government, the CEO indicated close partnership has been formed with relevant stakeholders to avail a better living condition for the labor force in the sector. 

According to EPA, the manufacturing industry is projected to register a 20.6-percent growth by 2030 and the government has a plan to create 1.3 million jobs each year.

During the occasion, authorities from the Shints Garment Company announced that dining halls, library and entertainment centers will be built soon.

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